Sex Tips From Guys #2

Guys reveal secret sex tips guaranteed to drive them wild, part 2!

Tip #6
“Right before I climax, spread your legs really wide, it allows me to plunge extremely deeply as I explode with pleasure.” – Meyer, 26

Tip #7
“One time, my girlfriend suddenly lifted her leg upĀ  preactically over her head, completely changing the angle of penetration. I saw stars.” – Ian, 18

Tip #8
“If I’m thrusting too fast for you, grab my butt and press your hands into my cheeks to signal that I need to slow down.” – Avary, 30

Tip #9
“When I’m on top, my girl will draw her knees up, then rock them side-to-side. I get to feel this corkscrew like sensation.” – Lucas, 23

Tip #10
“My favorite position is doggie-style, with both of us lying down rather than on our knees. Every tiny movement grinds our bodies closer and creates deeper sensations.” – Roman, 22

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